“This is not a joke is it?”


Queensland, Australia 

It is fair to say that the ecstatic woman was absolutely gob smacked when she heard the prize was a staggering $13 million and had to ask “Could you please repeat that amount again?”

“This is not a joke is it?” the woman asked Golden Casket.

After calming herself down the woman spoke to Golden Casket about what she and her husband would do with the money.

“We’ll definitely pay off all our debts and take a holiday. I think my husband and I will also treat ourselves to an early retirement,” she said.

It was only the second time the woman had purchased an Oz 7 Lotto entry.

“I’m a regular Lotto player on Saturdays and Thursdays but only decided last week that I would try Oz 7 Lotto as well. “It has certainly paid off for us!” she exclaimed.


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