Texas pick 3 pairs

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I am trying to just get pairs my pairs are

16 19 14 69 49 46 if anyone else can add anything do so...

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Hi green eyes...nice to see you posting again...


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Hi Lucky I am always trying different thing out for Texas .Maybe one of these days I will get as good as you..Then I will send what I got to you ..I want to thank you for your numbers today and always ..God bless .P.S. give you a little hint    v track..

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Thanks so much Lucky for the picks, I especially like the 417(47) pair out in midday draw).

Greeneyes, It is great to see you post again.

My rundowns are showing a possible double for Midday draw. Watch 88x

Good luck Texas..........................................Joy

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Thank you for the hint are very welcome !!


yes, mine is showing doubles too.

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