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would you ever use fortune cookie numbers for lottery playing?

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A lady in Canada just won 6 million playing her FC numbers for the last 2 years.

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Never played a fortune cookie number but, One time I was walking to the store to play my numbers and a 2 week old lottery ticket blew up against my leg...I looked up into the sky and asked if this was the sign I had been waiting for.....well you just know I had to play it.....not one number came up....after I checked the ticket, I looked up into the sky, smiled, and said  "that was a pretty good joke."

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Fja that was a cute story!ROFL

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I have played fortune cookie numbers in the past and not won so I quit playing them.  Now I play birthday numbers and important dates in time as my powerball numbers.  I also do a couple of QP's.

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I picked up a fortune cookie paper when I was at the store and it had pick 3 # 141 , later that night 141 exact was drawed, I could have kicked myself for not playing it. Bash

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Why not? None of the other numbers I've played have won the jackpot, they couldn't do any worst.



I was slapped in the face with something that could of been like a fortune  cookie.On 1/19/06 my daughter picked up a ticket from in front of my shop it had 235 on it for mid day and i didn't play it back for eve and it fell 325 now that was showed to me.

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The last time I got a fortune cookie the fortune said "play the lottery today"  I played and the numbers did not come, up but when I look back at the history file, the numbers had showed up 2 weeks before.... I played them for Mega Millions....  oh well maybe next time... 

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fja- Your story is delighting! Glad you kept your humour about the scenario.

 Thus far I have played- fortune cookies, expiration dates from milk cartons, License plates, check number from paying a bill, my kids birthdates, my drivers license number, my social security number, and my street address. My siblings birthdates, my anniversary and my employers address. Beleive it or not I've hit *straight bets* and *combos* from these.  The resources are there its a matter of how they hit :)

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Yes, come to think of it I have played a few of those fortune cookie numbers. I won once of the few times I've done it. I think it was 20 dollars that I won (because of the power play option). I still do play then now and then, but they really have to be a set of numbers that catches my eye at that time. It's fun to try something out of the ordinary once in a while.

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That's what I use for my $1 Powerball ticket twice a week.'s just as good as any combination in a game with such ridiculous odds.


That's what I use for my $1 Powerball ticket twice a week.'s just as good as any combination in a game with such ridiculous odds.

you hear so much these days about people winning with fortune cookie numbers that its seems like you'd have just as much of a chance winning with them as you would a quick pick.......

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clairvoyance talks about how numbers come to you in strange ways. I have twice gotten numbers for whatever reason (Pick 4), but I didn't play them. But looking at the records, they have hit.


I voted NO!

The last time I opened one it read: " You're screwed!! "

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