3 dollar pick 3 system


this system works best for me. ive bought system after system. ive played predictions lost time and time again. what i play on is planing on one of the numbers out of the last game comeing back. like say 247 put put two on one ticket . four on another ticket and seven on the third ticket. yes three dollars worth of tickets. paired with other numbers from 0-9 . ok in them three tickets you are useing 9 numbers . almost all the numbers in the pick 3 lottery. you can look at a few of the past games to see how to add your pairs together. shure you will miss a few times. but if you want to play and not go broke this is the cheap way to play. ive never won a pick 3 any other way. it will drive you crazy playing big bunchs of lottery numbers. most of the time you will get a good 2 number. not worth nothing spending 20 or 30 dollars . and holding up the check out line. getting some weird looks from angry shoppers. i would like to see some systems that use fewer numbers. the lottery you are playing that day is just one set of numbers. if you got any luck at all . all you need is one number. but i know one thing for shure. you cant buy luck it is not for sale at any price.   any help on this low dollar lottey system would be great. gibbs in va

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How do you choose or decide what pair of numbers from the 0-9 bunch to put with each ticket?

If you use the digits from the last draw, how long do you play those 3 tickets. Just once? Or until you get a hit?

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