Anyone want to discuss what hasn't worked

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Anyone want to discuss what hasn't worked?

I'll fess up - I've yet to hit a license plate I see that "gives "me a hunch" or a number I've seen repeating all day. 

Another genius idea I had - a local time / temperature marquee was malfunctioning and all day long it said the temp. was 153.  So I played 153 $1 straight and $1 boxed. Nada.

Then I had this idea to take how much I missed a Pick 3 by, and play that the next day. Zip.

(Lwt's say you play 1, 2, 4 and 2, 4, 5 hit - you'd play 121 next, i.e., missed by 1, missed by 2, missed by 1). 





I've been seeing 453 and 853 for the past 4 weeks or so, and still nada, zilch, kaput......NOT YET>>>lol

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Yesterday I was on my way to purchase some fantsy5 tickets and a fire truck pulled out in front of me and the number on it was 2450. So I played that in the cash 4 last night and nope it did not come in. Thought for sure that would be a HOT


Unless you know what you are doing, changing your numbers daily doesn't work.  Even the pros here on Lottery Post give their numbers a good window of time to hit.  That way, it's not a shot in the dark.

So, pick and stick especially if you are on a budget. If you don't have a budget, send me some bet money. Pick your favorite numbers and be loyal to them.  They will return the  favor...eventually.

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 Well, it's been my experience that sticking with them doesn't work either!



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 Well, it's been my experience that sticking with them doesn't work either!



you should post your numbers on the prediction page and then just work with them, or better yet check out the past results from you state and start hanging out with those numbers....Pick and stick does work on occasion but its streaky at best...I have plyed the same numbers for the past year and a half (on the prediction page).  I admitt I am not a pick 3 or 4 player...

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Well, I had the greatest idea!

We all know how a random number/easy pick can be a winner.  Yet we all like to select our own.  Something more than just random.  And I found what I thought was the perfect combination.  Sort of a personalized random generator.


Type in the date.  Type in your State.  Type in the date and your State. Type in your name.  Type in anything you can think of.  Google will tell you how many hits.  Use the first 3 digits for the Pick 3.

Ugh! Didn't work. 

Unless someone can come up with a way?

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I had a set of 10 sided dice with each one of the 3 a differenrt color and selected a color for each position. They had the digits 0 thru 9 already on them.
Threw them out and played what came up.
They got lost on me. Sure do miss em >LOL<

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How about this, this is from the bottom of the all forums page (1-23-06, 6:21 pm CST);

There are 457,286 Posts in 68,822 Topics in 13 Forums


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What hasn't worked

Taking all states draws and playing the digits by position that did not hit the day before

Combining all states & playing the most out pair the next day (usually it's one of the top 10 pairs)

I got a billion of em but those are the two that stick out the most.  Smile

BTW:  This is a great concept--to ask what hasn't worked.  It prevents you from trying to re-invent the wheel.

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Coin Toss,

I am not sure if you are saying how about those figures NOT working or if you are asking me if they do work?

Seems like they would be somewhat sequential? I can also tell you, because I just checked...they didn't hit in Michigan yesterday or today.

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I guess I'm saying as far as license plates and numbers you see all day long (I saw 153 again today), as far as such things, one's as good (and as effective ineefective) as the next.

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What does not work for me.. Guessing....?  I am the worst guesser..

Chasing a double... just because it came out in one state.. That doesn't work for me, unless, I continue playing them all states.. which is too costly for me...Only makes me frustrated.. Some people like doing that.. and that is ok if it making them money and they are happy with it.  I didn't make anything doing that..$75 here and $75 there.. but in long run... (After a month of doing this.. ) Not a penny made.. Not any to cash out on..

Now doubles are great.. but another method needs to be used with it.. I LOVE doubles..


I work at a lotto store.. another thing that doesn't work is playing what the majority of the people are playing.. (could this be rigged) makes one wonder..



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what hasn't worked    one full year of v-trac

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what hasn't worked    one full year of v-trac


Well I have about 7 more months using it the way I set it up to be used..

It hasn't let me down yet..


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