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I don't know if this has been asked before but I've noticed on a few threads lately that people have been talking about this. I personally like the feature because I do workouts over a time period of all states so I post all states. I also do different workouts  for certain states mainly KY, TN, IL, and if I have time I might do some other states. I have to hand it to CD because it's hard on me to the states I do and I do them weekly but for him to do all the states he does and to do it daily, I applaud him.

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The "feature" is fine. Actually, I never used it..well, maybe once or twice. Tried it this morning, and it elimated the local "home" predictions too! So, it was not a good thing to do.

Guess it all boils down to how the predictors post...huh?

If (I'm using her strictly as an example) Pick 3 Fairy posts her Texas predictions as "all states" and I clicked the All States feature, then I wouldn't get her predicitons.

I'm not critizing anyone for posting All States, because I've done it too.

So, if we click A/S, be sure to check it out the other way too...your favorite predictor may be there.


i like the all states choice.saves time.....


The All States feature can be misleading, especially if members are using it to test numbers. For instance, I take the top combos across all states from the past seven days, then I predict them for All States to see how long they are going to run. I don't expect anyone to play my predictions. I'm doing it for myself. Just for fun...

Now, I am surprised when I go to the Virginia Predictions page and I select Hide All States. I notice that there are hardly any predictions for Pick 3 and Pick 4 specifically for Virginia. So, perhaps a lot of people are using the All States feature for the same reason I do? It's very easy to test numbers using the feature and I certainly wouldn't be tracking my numbers any other way because that would be too time-consuming.

Maybe we could have an option that labels our predictions as "TEST PREDICTIONS" when they are just that. 

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The All States debate is kind of like the Cash vs. Annuity debate: it will never be settled, because both sides have good points.

However, that's what makes it a good feature: it can be used by those who love it, and it can be turned off by those who don't.

Because the feature can be ignored by people who don't like it, I personally don't understand when people have animosity against the feature. Maybe someone can explain it to me in rational terms, because I just don't get it.

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Todd, I believe the feature is a fine one. LIke I said above, I think it's all in the way the predictor posts...not the feature that's misleading. The Feature just lets you know what the Person has doesn't have any control over the Person.

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i like the all states choice.saves time.....

I Agree!

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I like the feature, but would like to have another choice that would also me to click whether I wanted all states in the midday or in the evening. 

I would love to just post for the midday draws only sometimes but it would take me forever to get all the numbers into individual states. 

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Sun SmileyI love all features and have no complaints,Stay Happy everyone and win some Money!Here's to you!Sad Cheers

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There are a lot of ways to pick numbers from an analysis point of view. It is just as legitimate to analyze all states as it is to analyze a specific state.

I think the current set up is just fine. If you don't want to see all states picks, you simply click on "hide all states" predictions.

I've experimented with both approaches using inspect/deflate. I've posted both ways. Personally I think a predictor does better analyzing a single state rather than all states as I have proven to myself via my lower stats predicting for all states but that is just my own opinion.

But since you have a choice as to what predictions to view, inspect and deflate, it seems like a non-issue to me.

Keep it the way it is. It would be a nice addition to specify midday and/or evening in the all states predictions choices.

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I didnt vote but I'd like to say that I started on here predicting numbers for all States. I had quite a few hits in the time I did that. I think it got me to work hard and spend countless hours on the numbers. When I was more comfortable with the all states I went a little farther and started trying to figure out individual states. I spent many hours and bundles of copy paper to write on, not to mention all the pens I went through. I dont predict all states anymore but it was a place for me to get my feet wet as they say, in telling folks what I think will hit. Had to start someplace. I feel that it was a place to start for myself. I do see some other folks predicting what will fall on the pick 3 and pick 4 pages that I had seen on the all states pages a year or so ago and some have came to be pretty good at what they are doing. A special thanks to all that put so much hard work into these pages and those that still predict on the all states pages.

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Summarizing Texas' prediction page today:

With A/S unchecked = 56 individuals posting (5 being from Texas)

With A/S   checked = 10 individuals posting (3 being from Texas)

So, using the "Hide..." would show me who was posting uniquely for Texas and who wasn't. Although, I would venture to say all the Texas posters entered their numbers hoping for a win in Texas.

Until this all came to surface, I never bothered with the "Hide..." box.

I still say, if you're going to Check the box, ya better also Uncheck it to see if your favorite predictor is there.

Sorry, I had to edit this. I didn't go far enough down the page on the "Hide.." part.

It would be nice to also have the "hide" feature on the "see yesterday's winners" page.  I use that page mostly. 


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