be smart when u win


  ok lets say you get a pick 5 hit for 150k  -we all know how fast we could pee that away a new car for the wife and a truck for yourself-(or visa versa)-pooof  you back to where you started  even with a relative small lottery hit such as 150k  this amout could pay you about $1.500.00 a quater year and still keep your money to boot    when i almost hit 5 on mega millions -i had that money spent  but after a while i thought about it and did some figuring if i took 90% of that $ and put it into the GE/TEXACO/EXXONS of the world the divvy alone could of bought my vechiles (over time) and still kept my money  ---lets remeber folks that money is a tool ((just like a 9/16 wrench)) its nothing more and nothing less  --good luck to you all and have a happy daySmile

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Thanks for the insight because we all have to be reminded not to squander our new found wealth -- regardless of the amount.

Let me ask you a question.

If a person receives $150,000.00 and puts it in a savings account because he or she is afraid of stock investing, how much interest would he or she receive?


pretty much zippo  if your lucky one could get 2%  unless of course you tie- it' up you may get a bit more but there is no place safer than a few big name stocks  because if they go under so do the banksLOL

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