Avatar help please lol

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Wasnt sure where to post this so thought i would amongest frineds, i want to put my babys picture for my avatar, i have hosted it on the web, and typed in the url many times but it wont take? anyone know what i am doing wrong? please. been tryin for 2  Thanks:-)


The picture is too big.  You will have to reduce the size.  That's all it is. Smile

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Upload the image to your Lottery Post image space -- you get some space on the LP server because you're a Platinum Member.

Here's a link to the instructions:

Note that I found this page with the absolutely awesome Lottery Post Search Engine -- a real hidden gem that most people don't realize the power of.

After you finish with the image, check out how I found the post.  All I did was search for "insert image" (WITH the quotes) and it immediately located three posts in the past year, and the first one listed was the right post.


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By the way, that describes how to insert the image into a post once it's uploaded.  Since you're going to use it for an avatar you can skip that part.  After uploading it, go to your Avatar Setting page and enter the image URL as<>.

Zippy's avatar - scene sunovermountains.jpg

Thank You Todd, :-) Just became a platinum member:-) yea:-)

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Thank You Todd, :-) Just became a platinum member:-) yea:-)

Brightening the image makes it more viewable.


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Zippy, what a lovely idea.  I have dialup, but it was worth the wait.  Very cute!

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