Conners Lucky Picks All States

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  675    242    874    126    395   

Good Luck  These always hit, so thought i'd share..LOL  Good For tonite thru Sunday..

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Thanks zippy... I like the 395 and 675 ... good choice of #'s.

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Thank you Zippy

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Thank You idnts701 and JorliD:-)  Best of Luck to both of you!:-)


I like the 874 and the 395 for saturday mid. are these Michigan numbers. what do you mean "these always hit"

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Casiecoco-They are for all states, i play in texas, carolina, mich, and california. i have seen his numbers hit in all these states and others within a draw or a day..and then a few more, call it Luck, or whatever, They will hit.. So i wanted to post them:-)See if they fit into your workout...

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Hi Zippy,WTG! New York[621]Party,now let's Party!DrumBananaPartyDance

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Thanks delores I got one here tonight in TX. staying on the 166 ST. and 161 Thanks Thanks for your thread , I am a little slow understanding this system  but Thanks , I knew I had to play tonight .even after the computer would not take numbers early tonight but thanks for even letting me know it was back up Love Your Thread



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WTG Zippy!



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Thats a Way to GO for Conner, That's my boy:-) lol

Thanx everyone:-)He loved New York,lol

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PartyOkay Zippy,Here is a party for Conner,Wtg! ConnerDrumBananaPartyDanceParty

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Oh Delores thats so sweet, will show him in the morning,lol:-)(he's 19 months old lol)

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