They fixed it!!


I can't say for sure, but it would appear that Prime Ticket Service has fixed their credit card processing problem.


The reason?  Now, after I submit my mastercard information I am redirected to a new confirmation page from my bank where I must enter a password specifically associated with my credit card/bank.  It would appear that PTS has either gone back to their old, more reliable credit card processor or just found a new one. 


I guess they really do listen.  I got in my tickets in time for Friday's drawing.  Is everyone else able to submit their orders now?

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Yes, I saw the same thing, and my card works the same way.  That page it goes to for your verification is called Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure, depending on which card you're using.

The other nice thing about that page is that it shows you what the descriptor will be on your credit card statement.  The descriptor is the name of the company that appears next to the dollar amount of the transaction.

Good luck today!

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I am glad to see PTS fixed the problem, so that anyone who wants to can buy the tickets.

Good luck to all members that play EM tonight!



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