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Hello all,

I emailed CT about a bunch of question I had and I got a responce today:

Thank you for visiting the official web site of the CT Lottery. We enjoy hearing from the people who use our pages.

Below are the answers provided to your questions:

1. How does CT do there ball drawings, i.e. ball rotation?

For all of our drawings, there is a full set of balls used for each game, plus one extra set. That is, for our Play3, Mid-Day3, Play4 and Mid-Day4 drawings, we make ready five sets of balls, numbered 0-9. For every drawing, the sets are randomly alternated so that different sets of balls are used in the four machines. In the Cash5 and Classic Lotto drawings, two sets of balls are made ready for each night's drawing. One set is selected each night, but the sets are alternated, randomly.

2. How come CT doesn't do anything with bonus' with the Play3 and Play4?? Each state has their own lottery game rules and play style. The CT Lottery does not use bonus balls in the Mid-Day or Nightly games. Your suggestion, however, will be forwarded to the appropriate individual for review and future consideration. We appreciate your input. 3. One last question is one day I went to play 1111 and 2222 on the play 4 night and I was told no more tickets could be sold??

Administrative regulations governing the operation of the Lottery include that the corporation reserves the right to limit sales of specific number combinations when the prize liability for those combinations reaches a pre-established limit.

The "liability limit" is the amount of prize money, which the Lottery can reasonably payout before the game becomes unprofitable for the corporation, and thus, the State. Currently, the Daily Games (Mid-Day3, Mid-Day4, Play3, and Play4) liability has been set at $8 million per draw. In the 4-digit games, that liability threshold is reached when a total of 1,600 tickets at a cost of $1.00 each for a specific number (1111 to use your example) have been sold.

The prize for a straight match (all four numbers matched in exact order) on a $1 ticket is $5,000. If 1,600 winning tickets bearing the 1111 combination were presented for payment from a specific drawing, the total prize payout would equal $8 million (1,600 X $5,000 = $8,000,000) for that draw.

The Lottery cannot legally exceed paying out more than $8 million for a specific number combination. For the last several weeks, the Lottery has seen an increase in the number of purchases for the 1111 number combination. Because the liability threshold has been met on numerous recent days, the Lottery has had no option except to limit sales of the 1111 combination.

Please keep in mind that you can purchase your favorite numbers in advance by playing Advance Action. By playing in advance, you have greater opportunity to play your favorite 1111. For more information about Advance Action, please visit:

I hope this information is helpful. Thank you for your support of CT's Lottery games, and good luck!

 Well I got my answers and thought maybe someon here on LP would find this informative.



I'm assuming by bonus you mean a promotional "green ball" or something like that.

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