pick 4 for all state



Hello  to everybody

Well  ...I predict in jan 16  under the   Pa pick 3   (sorry)

  8721-8762-6832 -6285  and  hitting  like a  mad man  Please  check them out

and  adding  6564-6865-7256-1206-1098

stay  4-5 days


hit in ga 8896 thanks cynthia 4u

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like the 1098



              Sometimes just Wheelit

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WTG Eva53, 1206 Straight in Ohio tonite..........Skony

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WTG Eva53, 1206 Straight in Ohio tonite..........Skony



WOW! Another straight hit on that number!  WTG Eva53!


Congrats Eva53!!

Played all your posted numbers .50 Backup.

$2,600 ain't bad!



Hello eva i just got on today is friday,Jan.20,2006.And looking at the midday number that just came out.In new jersey it was 2016 and you have that listed on the post board.Wow if only i would of got on-line earlier before the midday came out.I would of had it.I normally don't play pick4's but I need to keep in what you have posted.I'm Ladydee61@lotterypost. com


    Thank you all

           hope somebody wheelit


Hello eva i need some pick3's as well.Thank god for the 1098 But i had it in the box for thursday nite.Thank you and god bless you to bless


Been playing your 6285  (5826)  in TN - my dad's birthdate.


6865 looks good.........GuitarNo Pity!Drum      Dance

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