can't get much closer than this.......


my numbers on the prediction board for virginia pick 5......

my numbers...4-15-18-26-29
win numbers...4-10-18-26-29

i just did a poll asking if anyone thought a member would ever get all five numbers right on pick 5.i got pretty darn close....

i'm hoping this is the year a member gets all five.we can do it!

That is pretty impressive. Did you actually play them?


i put them on the prediction board here.i've gotten 4 out of 5 twice in the past month in virginia.too far to travel and play them in person....

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So are you using software to evaluate the numbers, or some other method?


i pick my own numbers.what i do is just take the whole 30's decade of numbers out of my picks.i just pick through a field of 1-29 instead of 1-39...then what i do is pick one number 1-10....two numbers 11-19 and finally two more numbers 21-29 and spread em picks are also do odd-even-odd or even-odd-even numbers.i just experiment with the numbers.

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thanks honey bee!


Great job on the VA 4/5 predictions, LottoMike! Hope you get a real 5/5 in the TN Lotto 5!!

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Good Job on the 4 of 5 numbers in Va. Hard to do.


thanks mrbobb and blackie!


the thing is i'm only doing these predictions for virginia and tennessee.i'm thinking about expanding my predictions to more states.

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Forget Indiana Mike--its a hopeless cause!


i'll probably do all the states that are ball drawn....computerized states are harder to pin down and figure out.


LOTTOMIKE, how about the buckeye 5 in Ohio?


you got it.i'm going to go look at it for a second then i'll post some predictions on the board.....

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