Pairs for VA,PA,DEL,NY

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these pairs to be played till next Sunday except for VA (next Monday)...if a pair hits, drop the rest of the pairs...usually don't hit multiple times.

Delaware:  09-06-96

New York: 08-03-83

Pennsylvania: 16-14-46

Virginia: 49-42-92



Thank you Sandy



Thank you very much Sandy!!

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Wink Thanks Sandy

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you are most welcome.  Hopefully, they will makes some bucks for you.

A tip to cut those pairs back with a digit from the previous draw (if different) and always play your plays ascending order.  It has been proven.....ascending order hits more straights but make sure you box also.

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Thanks Sandy ,

and good luck to you also!Lep

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Thanks Sandy. Good luck to you.


814--PA mid!!  WTG Sandy!!  Thanks again!!

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I hope you won on the 814 aw.....

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PartySandy You did it Girl!Hurray! For Texas 454midday keep it up,you are the Best,now let's Party:DrumBananaDance

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