Sandy's pairs for FL 1/16-1/22

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This weeks pairs are:

18 - 17 - 78

Possible combinations of 108,178,186,471,671,177,118,788,678,578    Cool

Good luck to everyone!

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FL  1/17



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Yes Nod
487 mirror is 932
The mirror certainly is travelling with it.
Tue, Jan 17, 2006IllinoisMidday 33-2-9
Tue, Jan 17, 2006New JerseyPick 32-3-9
Mon, Jan 16, 2006KansasPick 39-3-2
Mon, Jan 16, 2006West VirginiaDaily 34-7-8
Sun, Jan 15, 2006KansasPick 33-9-2
Sun, Jan 15, 2006WisconsinDaily Pick 33-2-9
Mon, Jan 9, 2006ConnecticutPlay 38-4-7
Sun, Jan 1, 2006ConnecticutPlay 38-7-4
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WOW Tenaj you are right on the mark.


392 in Quebec.

Green laugh

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I Agree!

Sandy K was right on the

mark with the 78 pair.

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did you win initowin?????

A little tip....always play those pairs with a number from the previous draw......

046 =078-678-478-017-417-418-167-168-178

I always play ascending order......60-70 percent of the time that is the way they come in......

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Yes Sandy, I got a win from that one. Thanks!

You're strategy above is a very valid way of playing. That has brought me numerous hits.

BTW, the 2 digit carry-over is in the crosshairs for being due..........maybe the "old method" would be something to think about.

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how many draws out is it for the 2 digit carry-over??

I don't know the trip point for a single draw state but the double draw state is 9 draws out, I start looking for the 2 digit return

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For FL, the median hit is 6 and it is at 5 draws out now.

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pretty soon then......Hurray!

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