Dogone-it Fellas,n Gals

                              I am on such a cold streak!!!Confused that I have to release my frustrastions somewhere

 I mean NOT A FRICKEN # NUMBER on anything latly  keno=zippo--pick4=zippo--pick6=zippo!!Confused I mean even if--- A--- number  would show its face I probly would feel better ! Dead I BEST STAY AWAY FROM THE CRAPS TABLE untill this bad luck blows over-What?ANY IDEAS or tips welcomed Wink


Stop Gambling !!!!

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Pay more attention to what you read on these threads . I havent got to it yet But when I get time I will read and re-read what Tntea has posted as a classroom type study on here. Also there are alot of people giving great idea's on how to come up with good numbers. Maybe if you look more into this great site Todd has here your luck may change.

Just my thoughts on it.

Update.  I see Mass doesnt have pick 3 but does have pick 4. Check out those posts.

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