Love or Money ??


You have a CHOICE... LOVE OR MONEY... which would you select?

1) Love- a wonderful life filled with love from your God-given soulmate, which includes wonderful, healthy children.


2)  Money- A $400 million Jackpot from Powerball and the sole winner is yourself!  This choice subjects you to being a failure in all of your relationships and you will never fall in love and never have children.


Now, the choice is yours... decide wisely, because once you decide, you can never change your mind.  Your destiny will be set!

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What you're offering here is some kind of pact with the Lotto-Devil Red Devil where instead of selling one's sole one selects not to have kids or solid relations ...

In today's society there are many who constantly fail at relationships thus having no offspring without having won $400M or any large sum of money ... and conversely I bet there are many who have retained good rapport with their spouses and kids even after winning large sums in jackpots ...

Your 'proposal' is neither funny nor sensible ... it's actually rather hokey (childish at best) Roll Eyes 



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MONEY!!!Definatly, money!


While you're "in love" with the perfect mate, you would always choose the mate over money.  Kind of like asking how much you accept from a medicial facility for the dog you've had for six years.  However, as shown by millions of divorces every year, which doesn't count seperation pending divorce, love means little when the stuff starts flying.

The question has only one purpose, see who is with the one they love or some one who has seen their world crushed with a custody fight.

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I have the love....

so give me the money...



Healthy family members are the most important thing on earth to me..

Second.. Happy family members...


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Is the opposite also true?  If you choose 1) ?

If you choose Love you will live in complete poverty for the rest of your life?


Give me the money.  Love is overrated.

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 I agree, love is overrated. Relationships don't always last forever and I don't plan on having children at my age, so I'd rather have money and have the financial independance, thank you.

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I would prefer MONEY!  As far as love is concerned, been-there, done-that. 

Most of the marriages end in divorce over the lack of money. Makes me wonder...if couples were financially well off, would they divorce?  Sure, some would, but the alimony payments would be high!

Finally, give me the money because I'm not interested in dating and I'm not getting married. Since I don't have children, brothers, or sisters --- the $$$ is all mine! 


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