dream help #'s wanted


I drempt I had six dogs in my apartment, 2 large dogs, 2 medium size dogs & 2 large dogs.  There were also 2 cats there.

My Landlord asked me who's dogs they were & I said they were my Sister's dogs.

I had to take the dogs out & walk them, 2 at a time.  I was going to take the 2 small ones together, the 2 medium size ones together & the 2 large ones together.  Then someone said not to take the 2 large ones together, because they will pull you along & you won't be able to controle them

Could someone with a dream book give me some numbers for this, please.

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Dogs And Cats: 462 486 379

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2222  for a pick 4! 

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when are u seeing this 2222 for ga ghetto?


Not sure if this is still good, but God tells Noah to take 2 of each unclean animal 7 of each clean in Genesis 7:2, you knew to take 2 pairs so 722 might be a good play upcoming.

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As long as the dogs aren't hostile dogs are a good dream. A white dog is a good luck dream.


I don't know if the no came but it will be a double number and will play 3 times within 30 days.


Also the double no should be a pick 4 not 3!  Hope this helps some.  D for dog is 4 C for cat is 3 maybe 4430 or something like that.

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