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Hi Todd,

I was wondering can you add a featuret that LP members can book mark a topic?

I know I can just bookmark in IE but, I want to have private bookmarks that I can go to at anytime from a list that is stored in my profile or mailbox or somehow???



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Me, too!  I spend half my time hunting for topics/threads/posts.  Make the upgraded members a FAVORITE TOPIC and when we are inside the actual thread/topic, we can bookmark it to our favorites.

Thanks Todd!

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I don't bother with the email notification. (You would check off "E-mail Notify me of replies" on the bottom of the editor.) I think they contain a link?

Depending on your settings for History, you can always open that up and click back to a thead/post.

Myself, I just created a folder in favorites for Lottery Post and keep everything as a favorite in there.

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Yes, this feature is on my list of things to do (it has been for about a year), and I will get to it once I restart development on new features -- maybe in a month or so.

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Have you tried clicking on "Track This Topic" at the bottom of the page?

Tracked Topics can be accessed via "Control Panel" - "Manage Subscriptions"


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