New Idea - Jumbo Bucks


Jumbo Bucks

The bigger the jackpot gets, the bigger the other prizes get.

$2 per play

Pick 6 Out Of 44

Jackpot Level
<$5 Mil
$5-$10 Mil
$10 Mil>
Match 6 Prize
Jackpot (30% Of Sales)
Jackpot (20%)
Jackpot (10%)
Match 5 Prize
Avg. $2,610
Avg. $3,915
Avg. $5,220
Match 4 Prize
Avg. $56
Avg. $84
Avg. $112
Match 3 Prize
Avg. $7
Avg. $10
Avg. $14
Match 2 Prize
Free Ticket
Free Ticket
Free Ticket

Overall Odds are 1 in 5.5

Now naturally the percentage of sales that go to the jackpot would decrease as the jackpot grows, but sales should increase enough to the point that jackpot growth should still increase as it gets bigger. This payout concept could work with any other jackpot drivven game as well.

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i don't think it would go over too well.

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you are expecting sales to be that good.  the problem is that with this idea, there is the possibility that nobody will win the jackpot, but the jackpot will go down.

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sounds like a progressive type payout system, I think it would kick butt.


Frankly, Jimmy, I don't care to pay TWO dollars for what is almost universally a ONE dollar game.

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I actually like the idea.  Its like a WinFall type game but the jackpot keeps growing.  It makes a lot of sense to do it like this.  Jackpot still grows but the higher the jackpot the higher the prizes are all together.  I would sure put $2 down for it.


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