As close as you can get


how  close have you've come to hittin the mega/power ball game??- ----------------------------------------------------------------- I had 4  my best ---------should of had 5 if i didnt change a number No Pity!    since than maybe 1 or none  so i need a booost  Conehead------------oooo happy new year meery christmas and all that stuffffff  lets get a good start this year  i want to see at least 10 mega winners on this site this yearGuitar

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3+0, and I cant seem to get past that,,,,maybe its the drought before the flood gates open up....

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3+1 for $100 was my best ever, and only one time :-(

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For 2005, I was lucky to hit 1 + MB. Lifetime biggest hit (30 plus years) is $78.00. So, with any luck at all 2006 should be a banner year for me.


3+0 three times.


I have hit 4+1 twice, but not this year.  I couldn't hit a number this year if I could go back to the future!

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Once I had a 4+0 in 2003 for $100.


Lurkingwell its a new year and things ARE gonna change for the better--this is a garentee!!! think possitve and she will pop for ya!!!


1+1 was my best hit. Then again, I don't play that often nor that much.


3+0 twice in Powerball

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