888- Tennessee Result-1/1

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888 came in tonight in Tennessee

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and there will be a triple in Georgia monday

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Any idea? Which one? 555 or 333 maybe anyone?

Ms. Pat

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im pulling for the tripple since its due in ga...only 3 hits on the 3s.....5s look great too...its been since 01 on the 5s...........but im not looking for them so soon



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I have been playing the 555's and the last time they fell in Georgia was august,16 2001 midday.

 it have been 4 years since they have appeared it is time and I have a strong feeling that they 555's are next in play for georgia .

 hello ed lane @ albany lincoln mercury better play these 555's they are hot!!!!

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Hope ky. gets there trips soon!!!


I sure am glad that triple finally fell somewhere.

Im not glad I am stoped playing for a while and that was one of my numbers.

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I didn't play TN last night..

I had been expecting  999 to hit there...

Congrats to all those who raked in on those...

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