Ever wish not to win the PB...

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I am wishing not...

Last night at work, we found our boss's fortune cookie numbers,, and we knew he ran those..Well actually he is my boss at the other store where I work as well.. For a joke we ran and bought up 7 of them...


At the time, I thought it would be funny to play his numbers in the event they came out, he would have to split his winnings..


Now it doesn't seem too funny..  After time to think about it.. it was a childish thing to do..Any way the odds are on my side that no one will win.. Thank God...

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wow! ROFL

I don't know what to say...

bad luck?

of course it is a rare opportunity to get the boss...

hope it works out for the best for you tea!

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Not sure how its interpretted as a joke. How is splitting a jackpot with a person you happen to know a joke? Unless you would each be laughing to the bank when cashing that awesome amount! :)

Perhaps your intentions may have been less then honorable but a postitive outlook on the event can be a win win for each person. No harm no foul.


And to answer your question, Players often play for the chance to win...

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I'm sure if your boss had won, he would have been so happy that it wouldn't have a mattered.  But if it had mattered, you would have had enough with your share of the winnings you wouldn't have cared. 

As I see it if you pay to play some numbers, they're your numbers regardless of where you got them and if you won you would be laughing all the way to the bank.


lottery pools are bad, and some players regret playing in them.

But i'm glad i'm not in a powerball state! 

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OH this wasn't a lottery pool.. lol


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Well if you would feel that bad about it you could always donate to him all the winnings. But I doubt that if you actually won that is going to happen. Luckily you will most likely lose as usual. But then again if you had to actually split the jackpot 7 ways, the joke would be more on you.


i would get my boss 1 ticket and play the same number  a hedge  and insurance  also i know it would drive him crazy to spit

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