ga evening

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any huntches

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Hi Ga Player,I remember on several occasions when the 339 hit then i would know to play the 678,not sure but it is something to consider,because researching various States there is always a few numbers that stick in your mind,this was one of them ,also if Ga do little tricks with the number like Tx the 339 could be the 340-399-or the mirro 884,the linked numbers are:011-099-189-339-556,Well this was just an idea,goodluck to you.


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if you look for a trip, play the double back from Midday for a 2 digit return....longshot yes....BUT...I can't tell ya how many times I hit a triple that way.  So 333

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We haven't had a digit 5 in the eve since the 516 fell 2 weeks ago. Looking for 5 or 55 something try 559, 539, 953, or 335, 553 or the 516 to repeat.....just a hunch

Ms Pat

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I noticed something else about this number,i don't know whose draw takes place first but between GA. and Mich one or the other did what is call(Shaving) for Mich it would be S-up and for Ga it would be S-down on the 440. Also you can go with math conversion which will brings these to your State

339=15---555-780-690-159-249-312-348-357-366-This is the results of math conversion for your States midday number,hope this is helpful information,goodluck.

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