It's time....AWROOO

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werewolves of wyncote?


Werewolf PosterCheers

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That looks like me when i lose,, roflmao!


I hope nobody misses out because we've been waiting....

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666----Root sum # 9 Kansas


The number of the Beast

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  1. The Wolf Man (1941) (as Lon Chaney) .... Larry Talbot/Wolf Man
  • Sir John Talbot: You can't run away.
    Larry Talbot: That's it! That's what she said.
    Sir John Talbot: Who?
    Larry Talbot: The gypsy woman.
    Sir John Talbot: Gypsy woman? Now we're getting down to it. She's been filling your mind with this gibberish. This talk of werewolves and pentagrams. You're not a child Larry, you're a grown man and you believe in the superstitions of a Gypsy woman!

  • 222-777-000-111-666-555

    For 1/11-1/17


    Hi, blackapple i see that you don"t have the 333 and 888 listed above. I think that SC will get the 888s this week. We have alot of the trip indacators. If you agree with my findings please reply to this post.

    Thanks alot Lotsofmoney

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    888---I like

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    Few doubles yesterday

    Doubles turn into triples

    today. Watch


    Thank you Black!  That's could for a nice quote, "Yesterday's doubles are today's triples."

    Like Spongebob Squarepants, "I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready..."


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