GA evening...



****769 x 20 =  $ 10,000 tax free money..


This would be wonderful!

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good luck..

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Been playing 796 for a while - Do ya think it will hit us before the year is out?


I think it will be out by the end of this week.

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I sure hope so

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796 looks good this week         

           I Agree!

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****769 x 20 =  $ 10,000 tax free money..

hope you reversed the order there.  

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Did you get that CHUNK unclelotto?  Hope so!!!!!!!!


Guys.... Next time please post under the cash 3 forum.... I do not play cash 4 and rarely look at the cash 4 forum and you posted on the cash 4 Forum.  Anyway I missed that number.....I wish i had seen it on the cash 3 forumSulk Off

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WTG!!!  Uncle Lotto!  Wink

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