A 1 pick (combo) per draw pick 3 system

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Hypersoniq has a new 1 pick per draw system that can make a very big profit in the very long run (in years).

I tried myself before, but was not very serious about it and gave up very soon.

Now I have a lot more knowledge of filters and of the pick 3 game than back then.

I will again try, but my system if I can make 1 that works should not have any "DRY" years, playing 2 times a day 6 days a week at 50 cents per draw for $1 a day 6 time a week, should be much less than $400 a year, to be good enough it should win straight no less than 3 times per year, for some kind of a profit every year, at 50 cents per draw that would be $750 with the state lotteries.

I think that I know of a few ways in which to try to do it, it would have to be a combination of ways.

Since I don't know neither Exel nor programming everything will be done by hand and maybe with some help from the Crunch also.

Even so I might be able to come out with something, maybe won't be so hard since it only has to give at least 3 straight wins per year playing 2 times a day per 6 days a week.

This has to be an only 1 pick per draw straight system, since I call everything that I do with the pick 3 "filters", then I can say that it will be done with filters, a pick 3 filter reduction system that will produce only 1 straight combo per draw and that has to win no fewer times than 3 times per year every year with no "DRY" years in between at all.

I will work on this mostly on mondays and mostly after  the holydays are over.

At only 3 straight picks per year, I might have a chance of working something out.

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