Pick3(Talk Soup)Summary-All States

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Smiley SantaWelcome to this New Thread ,hope you can put that thinking cap on and generate a lot of wins LP players and Viewers:This thread began with an agreement with Powerplayer and myself to work together as a team,any comments,views, ideas or kindly welcomed,Hope you enjoy this New idea,Thanks for taking the time to view.Let's get Started:

What i see from looking at the midday chart is that a group has started linking together this group is:



The above numbers are Key pad hits(128-589-426-125-256-298)as you can see each number as a partner

751 and 853 did this


890-180-018-713 came from a group i call the UV group because they hit almost everyday in any State,they are rolling!

199-441-949-858-double hits as these mirrors-


Some numbers make us think of a triple hit,like the 134 threaded with this group


This sums up TAlk soup for Midday-from Powerplayer and Delores247,goodluck and thanks for taking the time to view this thread.Smiley Santa



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Thanks! Interesting!!!

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Thank you.

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Hi players, Like to Add info to today's summary:

Here are Numbers I call Top to Bottom,something pick 3 games do from time to time when Dec comes,Here is a most likely group to show if i am correct:


Triples:222-333-555-777-888-999---------Goodluck Tonight,Thanks for Viewing this Thread.The Key number for Friday is 836.Type

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Thank you very much, Delores and PowerPlayer!

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thanks -

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Fantastic Call on 351!! It came straight in Early Chicago.

I caught a small bit of it, but thanks so much!Hurray! 

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876 ga. nice

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You are most welcome in this Thread anytime!

Texas-Ct.-Indiana- Players,Something to consider:

537-429-337-991-286-867-121-640-For midday 3numbers hit out of this group so from my research the group will hit,we will see tonight!Thanks for viewing.Smiley Santa

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I had a great sleep!!

Gotta get to work more updates soon.

Hope a lot of us got some of these today!!



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TypeHi Lp players,Here is a tip for you  that is good through Dec/31,go to your archives and find your Jan/24-31 and play one each day that matches this date for example today is Dec/24 Play Jan 24 of this year,sometimes this is a perfect choice,if you don't won't to play them write them down and see what happens,this is just something i discovered durning my research,goodluck everyone,thanks for viewing.Type


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For exactly which states did this work in the past, Delores247?

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Hello all,

I have completed a small part of my new chart creation.

It's in web page format for everyone to enjoy!!

What you will find is only a chart of December 05 with the #'s I was tracking but, for the whole month.

I did my test from 12/15/05 and it will be ending soon...12/31/05

The chart that is up right now is December 05 with only the #'s from my lotto tracker thread.

I will be posting Delores247 #'s also soon.....

I will be adding a chart that will track Delores247 #'s and my #'s that we have come up with daily updats so check back often.

Key code:

Blue= Straight

Red = Box

Purple = Double

Yellow = Triples

Orange is for the 2nd list I had done in my lotto tracker thread

If the # came straight no matter which kind of combination single,double,triple it's in BLUE the other key codes are fore box hits except the Triples

There will be many updates in the future to this...

If you have any comments or suggestion on how to improve or need help understanding anything please let me know.

Thank you

Enjoy All!!!



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LepDec/25,Let's talk Soup

From what i see on the chart today it is time for keypad numbers:








Example for the buget player using the Keypad,we see that the 165 is on the midday draw so your like1y number will be 234,also 165 has dna number 073

The above are a few examples.

Any time a number like 180 hit it is time for the UV group ,i named this because they hit everywhere all the time,so if you are on a Budget this one is for you:







If your state has played numbers from this group then your likely numbers for this week may come from this group,something to consider.

If your State play any number with a 59 pair it is time for the Clocks example:100 200 300 400 500 ect:Of course match this with the 59 pair,this is an example of your budget play,if your state played a 659 then you know to put 700 at the top of your hot list if your state play a 459 then 500 would be on your hot list.

The last tip of the Day is your State has a possible chance for a Triple--666 on Dec/25 in the Tx Archives,On that DAy i had 646 as a qp never forget that one!

Well Thanks for taking the time to View,will update for more tips for the budget player,goodluckType



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PA had 951 how does that play into your system?

Thanks Idea

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