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I have 2 questions for those of you who play p5 and higher and have a paid membership.

1. Does draw history account for matrix changes? E.g., Illinois had a game called Little Lotto. It was 5/30. They still have a game by that name but now it's 5/39. Is the change indicated anywhere, or do the higher numbers just begin showing up?

2. Can draw history be downloaded as a .txt or other filetype? 

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Wow, these didn't
seemlike such tough
yes-or-no questions.

Thinking of... 

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Lottery Post's Game Information page for Little Lotto shows that it is 5/39, the correct matrix.  Lottery games go through changes from time-to-time, there is nothing abnormal about it.

Gold and Platinum members have access to the complete drawing history of Little Lotto 5/39, all the way back to the date it became 5/39 on Wed, Feb 25, 2004. 

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Just for posterity, I'll post the complete answers in case anyone else is wondering.
For Illinois, the data goes back to the beginning of the 5/39 series, as Todd pointed out.

There is no indication that the 5/30 game ever existed. This is also the case for other games that have been discontinued, or had major changes. Except PowerBall.

For powerball (went from 5/53 & 1/42 to 5/55 & 1/42), the higher numbers (54 & 55) begin to show up in the data, but all the old draws are there, too. No note of when the matrix changed. So, if you aren't a regular follower of PB, you won't know how long the 54 & 55 have been there waiting to fall.

This won't matter for those who play QPs, but you folks who play systems/backtest need to consider that.

As for downloading the old numbers, the most recent numbers will be at the top. You can save the page as an *.htm (or *.html). Then you will need to do some creative editing, or copy and paste.

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