your lottery goals.....


some lottery players have modest goals and some have higher goals.what are your lottery goals?

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some lottery players have modest goals and some have higher goals.what are your lottery goals?

I'm aiming for  the jackpot or second prize in the lottery and I  hope for  the same for everyone

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I want to win the big one thats for sure but i win more at pick 3 than other lotterys it supplements my big lotto habit. lol


Keno, Pick 5, pick 6, pick 7 and the five plus one are the most intriguing for me, trying to figure out how they work.  If I succeed in doing it the other goals will take care of themselves.  Pick 3 and pick four don't interest me much, nor do the scratchers.


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I would be happy with  just profiting from  pick 3!!

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My goal is 5/55 in PowerBall, so that I can have more time to attend to some artistic pursuits in the next 10 years and not spend so much time working, trying to get by.  That's my selfish goal, I suppose.

Winning the jackpot would be great because it sure would be nice to take care of a lot of my friends who are also working too hard and have dreams of their own.  It would be wonderful to see their dreams come true.  One friend wants to start a horse rescue ranch, another wants to open a gallery of her own photography (she is very good), another one wants to devote full-time to sculpturing (she has sold some pieces and is remarkably talented, but the competition is fierce), and another one, bless her heart, is a monk and wants to devote herself full-time to helping people without being constrained by a 9-to-5 office job.  The list goes on and on, it's amazing how many people walk around with unfulfilled dreams.  These friends are devoting part of their time to their pursuits; I would like them to have the freedom of complete pursuit.

Also, I live in an economically depressed area.  The hospital could sure use a few million to update its equipment and rooms, pay a good salary for physicians to move here.  The police need more money; we don't have enough officers to cover the community.

Wherever I look, I see people in need.  I know that money is not the answer to everything, but it can certainly pave the way and at least provide a boost, sort of like interlocking your hands together so someone can use them as a step to get over a fence that's in the way.  I honestly think most people feel the same way, that the jackpot is a means to helping more people than one would be able to otherwise.

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Big GrinTo hit a pick 4 straight once a week.  I think I will always play pick 3.

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I would like to play & win pick 3 regularly at least 2 to 3 times a week

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Thanks for asking Mike!

I picked to profit from pick 3 and pick 4.  The win ratio is alot better.  My goal is to make an average of $200 to $1000 per week playing online.  So far this week, I have made over $500 and it is only Thursday.  But it is still a "hit and miss"... I want more consistency with my methods.  Once I accomplish this goal, I would have perfected a system to meet this goal... thereby sharing this system with others to help them have an extra income.  That is my other goal - to help others succeed.


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Ok, call me stupid: I just want to win want whatever, whenever as much as everCheers

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I want to win large powerball jackpots every time they come around.  I will not stop chasing them darn things until I have at least one of them.  2006 is going to be my year and if not then well the next year will do and so on.  My goal is to find a large jackpot and win it just like every other large jackpot chaser.

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My goal is to win a jackpot large enough so that I do not have to work for someone else, but for myself, and comfortably, and as much as I choose. Heck I may choose not to even work at all for a long time. Oddly enough I have won more via the jackpot games then pick 3 and pick 4's.

And I do not even play either anymore more than a few times a month. I have endless losing tickets for pick 3 and pick 4, ALL off by one digit, and one number. I will stick to the big guns from now on, as petty change is not going to fulfill my dreams regardless.


I hope I could get the Jackpot or just the second prize.


My goal is to win a multi-million dollar jackpot, and maintain my anonymity and my sanity afterwards.


Now that I've passed through my 60 second birthday I'm hoping to cash in on some of the folks we hear so much about who prey on the elderly, lottery-wise.  I'm figuring an enterprising soul ought to be able to devise a way to meet one personally and cash in on whatever's in his wallet.


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