Testing my ownsystem called Lotto Tracker

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I have named the program I am building: Lotto Tracker 2005 ver. 1.0 beta

If my system is right then the 2 following #'s will hit at least 2 times or more straight before the end of the month:


407 & 283


You can play box if you like..>Good for all states.....


Good Luck to all!!!



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I'm going to add 293 also for this test. maybe more not sure yet still doing some calculations

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Good Luck with your system powerplayer, and thank you !!

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Good Luck PP..... crossing my fingers and wishing you great success with this program!  Hurray!

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Are you running this in Excel or a stand-alone program?

Anxious to see those hit!

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My program right now is in excel but, I'm going to be making a full .exe (exacutable) program once I'm finished.


This is a test run. This test is for straights.

Good Luck!!


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Good luck powerplayer. Hope your program works out!




MA 12/14 : 3704..way2go :)

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Thanks Powerplayer-I need all the luck I can get!!!Wink

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Hope it works, powerplayer


You better find a different name.  There is already a program on the market with the name Lotto Tracker.

Good Luck, no matter what you call it. 


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He's more than welcomed to use the name "LOTA", the name of my lottery program which is designed for pick5, pick6 and either form of those games with a bonus ball since I have no plans to take it public.  As soon as I hit either the PB or MM jackpots, I plan to retire the program.  It matched 5of6 three years ago in the Ohio Super Lotto Plus and I have made several changes over the years so it's well beyond ver.1.0 now.  No matter what he decides, I wish him good luck.

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This isn't a complete list but it gives you an idea of 86 names already taken.

Truly Random
Win A Lotto
KILY Lotto
Win Big Pro
Neotrek 649 Picker
Lotto Pro 2005
Powerball Manager
Keno Expert USA
Lotto Buster 2010
Lotto Cheatah XP
Lotto Cheatah
UltraLott Powerball and Mega Millions
$trike It - Lotto!
Lotto Pro 2004 Lottery Software
Lotto Logic Lottery Software
Lottery Player's Assistant for PPC
Lottery Software
Lotto Hat
LottoMania 2000
Lottery Tracker & Wheeler
Analysis Lotto
Lotto Creo
Power Lotto Wheeler
Loto Excel Universal
P34 Lotto
Cracking The Lotto
A Dream Lotto
Lucky Numbers
Lotto Player's Assistant
VI Lottery
Lotto Magic
Lotto Combo Calculator
Lottery Solver 3
Universal Lottery
Keno Crunch
Win A Lotto
InterLotto Management
Ultralott SA
South African Lotteries program
MicroLot Lotto
Lottery selector/simulator/analysis with SOUND.
Lotto Tracker II for Windows
Lotto Logic 2000 Professional
CA Lotto
Karma Lottery Magic
Lottery Generator '98
Lottery Magic 2000
Lottery Randomizer
Lottery Reader
Lotto Buster 2000
Lotto Generator
Lotto Logic
Lotto Logic 2000 Professional
Lotto One
Lottog Evaluator
Lottog Opt
LottoPick 99
LottoQuick USA
Lucky Dip Lotto
Lucky Lottery Number Calculator
Power Lotto Wheeler
PronoLoto Expert
Random Lottery Number Generator
Super Enalotto
The UK National Lottery
tksoft Lottery Number Picker
Winlotto 97
Y3K Lotto

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I don't see LOTA on that list.  I just been inspired by the new Ohio lottery game Lot'O Play with the name Lot'O Win.  Maybe I can't write a winning lottery program, but I'm starting to think I can come up a name for a winning program.  Good luck everybody.

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I'm going to add 293 also for this test. maybe more not sure yet still doing some calculations

Working in Tenn. today

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