what would you want

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I would love a new home but I would go with heath  for myself and my familyNoel


Can I have all of the above - and then some?

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I'll take the cash! What good is your health with no money?

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Since finding the cure to cancer or heart disease isn't an option I had to say -none of the above.

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A million dollars or more. The rest will follow then...

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There's nothing like the blessing of good health.  It shouldn't even be on the same list as money or other material things. Christopher Reeves had lots of money but it didn't make him walk again.  Mental health is also important. Look at all the wealthy people who commit suicide or die from drugs.  My wish would be that no children suffer from hunger, abuse or pain on Christmas or any other day.

As far as "stuff goes" I'd love to own a nice home, a new car and have money in the bank. Who wouldn't? So I guess my answer is a huge winning PB ticket if it keeps rolling over. Then I can get all my material things and use the rest to help people.

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I agree the health options should not even be on the poll, they all go without saying. But a million dollars or mre would by far give me all the happiness I needed in te material world, as well as some others.

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Well I said money... I would love to be able to pick 2. One would be money and the 2nd would be health for family.

On the other hand if you have the money you can pay for good health easier.



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a new home[ 2 ] [6.25%]
a new car[ 0 ] [0.00%]
a vacation[ 0 ] [0.00%]
$100.000.00[ 8 ] [25.00%]
health for you & your family[ 13 ] [40.63%]
a new job[ 3 ] [9.38%]
time with family[ 0 ] [0.00%]
none of the above[ 6 ] [18.75%]
Total Valid Votes[ 32 ] 
Discarded Votes


I chose Health for me and my family..

I like the home I have..  Not too big.. Not to small

We run a used car lot.. so driving a new car would make me look too good for what our business is about

I need a vacation... not a want.. but a NEED

Money?.. got some in bank...

New Job.. NO WAY.. I do what I love.. and Love what I do..

Time with Family... Can never get enough of it...


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ME myself, I am very materialistic.

I'll take the new home,please  Big Smile

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I want the jackpot, so that I can take a good vacation and buy a house.

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