Vtrac Classes.. To all members..

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It seems that most of the pms I am getting are referring to basically the same questions.. I am having to answer each one separately..

Questions are good...

Please refer them to the lesson that you are taking .. and let me answer those there so others can see the answers...

Thanks.. Tntea


Perhaps it's time for a Vtrac FAQ thread?

Thanks for doing all these Vtrac lessons. I am following along as I have time. Very interesting!

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This will be a good one  to use.. post Questions here....

But please do not post a string of past results...

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How many members are there left doing the vtrac lessons?

please post here so I can see who I am helping...

There are a couple lessons left in Vtracs 103.. and then the finale... Here you will be taught how to combine everything you have learned to find that next vtrac to fall...

This lesson will be the most exciting of them all..  It will be useless to those who didn't complete vtracs 101, vtracs 102.. because they will be completely lost..

I am going to walk each of you through the Vtracs 103 with emails.. instead of here on the forum...since each will be doing their own state..

So please post here if you want to continue on the list..


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You got me in your class tntea playing Ohio



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You got me in your class tntea playing Ohio



Your OH pick 4 numbers were sent to your inbox...

They are getting ripe... So don't let one get past you...

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I am in the vtrac class.  The state I play is Georgia



Of course I am in...I am playing Illinois....

I am also following along in KY. please help.



I've been sitting here quietly in the back of the class and taking notes feverishly, doing all my homework, reading and re-reading the lessons and  trying to study all my notes when i have time.  I am tracking GA,TN,KY,FL,and TX.

 I hope we get to the meat of the class soon so we can see how to put this big puzzle together.



Domino$ is in 'til the end . . . georgia


BananaStill trying to comprehend what this is all about. Been interested in V-Tracs and this is great and want more......................

Thanks Very Much,


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I am most definitely in!!! Following SC... will PM you my email address!  Thanks a lot, and keep up the wonderful work!


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count me in, live in texas


 I am in till the end. want to learn more.

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