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Mirror Numbers

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Hi All

Trying to understand "Mirror Numbers" as I have never used this method before.  What I have so far:

* Seems mirror numbers are only for doubles

ex.  001/110, 002/220, 003/330, 004/440, etc.

I sat down this morning and did the complete list of mirror numbers.  If anyone would like a copy, I will paste it here.

My questions:

*  When would you use a mirror number?  ex. if 004 fell on midday, would you play 440 for evening?

*  Do mirror numbers travel to other states?  ex.  if 004 fell in GA at midday, would you look for 440 to fall in the mirror state to GA?

Thanks for all those who are letting me pick their brains!


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look up some of jazzy jasper early posts - he calls them bar numbers

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