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S. Carolina [ KNOCK,KNOCK ]

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Whos there says I.

The 58 pairs says the knocker.

You have been gone 57 draws says I.

I know says the 58 pair but the most I have been gone is 59 draws.

Come in when you are ready 58 pair says I. I got money bet on you and if you do not come in I will whip you good.

58 pr out 57  draws most out 59 draws

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Tue, Jun 21, 2005GeorgiaMidday 3      3-7-0


 O7 pair on Ga midday since June 21 ......  150 + draws


Congrats!!...Your pair came in tonight...  587 11/27

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Hope you got it John!

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I was really looking for the 58 pr in the pick 4.

Came in from the cold today mid-day as 5865

Nothing I played only boxed 2 combos for it 4589-3458
Got em again on the way home for maybe a 2 return from mid.

It may stick around and visit a spell >LOL<

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I was looking for 5867 or 5876.  Missed the 5865

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