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Does anyone remember that LP member here. Dash.........

What happened to that person?

He was pretty remarkable, considering he mostly used only 3 sets of p-3 numbers for his predictions, which hit very nicely, on a regular basis.

I recently heard from an LP member, that for a nominal fee, Dash will do his workout for my state, or any state. HMMMMMM!!!

Dash always said  " There is an 87 percent chance that these numbers will come out in the next so and so days from now". Usually it was about a week from the time he posted.

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reports of his demise may be exaggerated...



reports of his demise may be exaggerated...


Thanx for the link.

I guess I should have done my homework before saying anything.

The reason I say the statement above is because of an oversight on my part, and shouldn't have come to a conclusion about the lack of his appearance without doing a little research. I was just jumping the gun because a friend here reminded me of him, and just figured he was blended in the mix, as happens often here.

I saw his nov. 25th post in the p-3 forum, thinking to myself....Why didn't I notice his post?

Then I realized why. The pick-3 forum is updated by a new topic so quickly that if you aren't in the right place at the right time, you can easily miss any given post. Unless you're glued to the p-3 forum every second.

I skim through the p-3 forum, now and then. The reason I don't stay there very long is because there is just way to much info being shown for me to absorb at any given moment, like a conveyor belt.

HMMMMMM!!!.....I'll have to look more closely now.

Thanx time*treat.

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