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MM Draw Videos

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Anyone know whats up with them? For awhile now it keeps saying they are temporarily unavailable.



Could they still be "editing"? 

In Virginia, the last Pick 3 video available is from the evening drawing on November 12th.  How hard can it be to upload the video? 


If you go to and click on "Webcast" in the upper middle of the page, you can find them for a specific date... just know the date, because it doesn't tell you the day associated with the date. The only "drawback," if you could call it that, is that you have to watch all the drawings... they're not split up like VA is.

A Footnote: MM switched to what looks like Criterion II's at the end of the last run... the first draw with the new machines is the one from 11/18/05. I would have MUCH preferred Halogens, but I guess they don't want to copy PB.

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