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Excel VS. VB

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I'm not a very good VB person for what I'm trying was wondering if any one knows VB & Excel pretty good???

Well here is my question if anyone can shed some light on this it would be great!!

I have the following:



Now the first row of #'s are in cells going down and the 2nd row is the results with the following formula =SUM(ISNUMBER(FIND("123",B3:M51))*1)

So it doesn't look at the 1st column with all the combo's listed in the formula. I have a couple of times by putting the cell ref location in the formula but it doesn't work. I put this in manully for each combo I do instead.

So now here is where VB and Excel need to butt heads togeather to help me.

I want to write a vb script that would automatically refer to that column with the formula.

I'm doing a couple of different ways with this formula to make sure I see every view.

1. All states in Mid-day

2. All states @ night

3. Mid-day & Night togeather

4. Each individual state.

I know this is a lot of work but, once I get a script that can automate this it will be a breeze!!! ( I HOPE????????)


Any help will be great!!


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I do MOST of my excel stuff on the macro side. I don't play P3 but may be able to help, but I'm not sure what you're trying to do here. are you trying to count straights or boxes?

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i want to count all 1,000 combinatons to each # set.

Ex. 123,132,213,231,312,321

so both straight and box

Actually all 1,000 combinations are straight since they can come out in any order but, I'm trying to narrow this down to only the combination that hit the most so I can get more straights.

I want the script to be able to count for me instead of me doing it and every time I enter a new # from each drawing to update this list.

I'm thinking maybe your right a macro is what I need? Not to good with macro's but, it's a recording...maybe I can record the steps I'm going and then it will just do it when I run the macro. hmm I knew I should have taken more VB classs and paid attention.

Programming has never been my thing...




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well, the bad news is that the routine may be too long for me to post here, but the good news is  I just saved a bunch of money... umm... the routine is easy to understand. You basically

dim numbers(999) as integer <--- there is an automatic "0" space

for cellsrow = 1 to (whatever)

    if cell(cellrow, column).value < > "" then

        number(cell(cellrow,column).value) = _             number(cell(cellrow,column).value) +1

  end if

next cellrow

for digits = 0 to 999

   cells(output_row + digit, output_col).value = digits
   cells(output_row + digit, output_col+1).value = number(digits)

next digits

that is not copy & paste perfect, but it should get you most of the way there, if you have the time to study it. I did not 'dim' anything but the array, just for the sake of space, here; but you should dim every variable you use.

 BTW there is no space between the "<" and ">" above

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Thank you time*treat!!!

I will work on this


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