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number dreams

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okay, about a week ago i was just starting to wake up, in that half asleep barely awake state and the first thought i had was 2088. well i thought that was odd 'cause we don't even have pick 4 in calif. but i decided to post it as a prediction anyway. Then i had this dream: i was looking at a multiplication table and in the middle the number 23 stood out. then i saw a big old fashion round ball of hay (money???) then the number 64.

I also decided to post 2364 for pic 4.

any interpretations out there for my dream? Thanx.

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Because 23 stood out in the table you would want to keep that and the number on the hay bail 64 can be broken down, as 6+4 is 10

1+0 = 1 and so 231 would be a good number to try


If you took the whole number 2364 and added it together as single you would get 15 and 1+5 is 6 and so you keep the 23 and use 6. Do you see your 236 number there? That is the first 3 digits of the whole and so 236 would be a good number as well. A bail of hay would represent a large gathering or a Harvest! So try those numbers to rake in your money.
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thanx clairvoyance, good info.

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i notice 1988 and 2188 box have hit the last 2 or 3 days. hummm wonder if 2088 is on the way?

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