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Who sent me a PM?

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Sandy K

Kinda stupid question, I know.  I was cleaning out my PM box tonight.  I accidentally deleted a PM from someone who had asked me a question....a very nice person....and I meant to get back to him but I got busy and forgot.........I think it was yesterday or Monday. 

It is not a normal regular on here.  I think it was a new person.  So if you are out there, please resend your message.  I just can't remember the name of the person.  Please accept my apologies.

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Sandy K

I think it was someone from Michigan!

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SmashLook in your delete folder.

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Sandy K

I don't save my deletes to a Folder....I just checked the Delete Folder and it is empty.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Normally, something like this doesn't bother me, but the person was just asking me nicely a simple question. 

It's not an emergency.  I just wanted him to know I wasn't just ignoring him.

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You are so kind Sandy..

Hopefully they will see this post and resend the pm..

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Sandy K

Thank you, tea.........Happy Thanksgiving.

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