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Box Play



I am new to this site and live in western Canada I would like to know if anyone has a good pencil paper work out for box plays. I am interested in using 5-6 numbers for a box play. Playing 10 number combinations for a 5 number play or 20 combinations for a 6 number play ( no doubles ).

I have always had a problem in getting that 3rd winning number in the 5 or 6 numbers that I pick for the box play.

I have even tried pencil and paper systems to pick the non winners and play the rest but that did not work out very well either.


Any new ideas for this type of play would be great.


Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this.

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Usually the most I play is 8 using single vtracs..

or 12 using double vtracs.

It works for me and has taken the guess work out of what is to be played.


Right now I am looking for 


to fall in southern states..


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Thanks for the information tntea,  I will check how the vtracs works and back test it.


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