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Record Jackpot - $448 Million

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It is commonly understood that the record jackpot is $363 million set in May of 2000 in the Big Game lottery. Well guess what, the record was recently broken in the US with a $448 million jackpot.

There were a couple of catches though.

First, the cost of a ticket was $2.

Second, and more importantly, the odds of winning the $448 million jackpot were astronomical. In fact the odds were something like 1 in 25,669,770,000,000,000.

With those crazy odds, I calculated how much one would have to spend to bring the odds closer to say the Mega Millions lottery at 1 in 175.7 million. The cost would be around $24,000. So I did not try to win the $448 million lottery.

Now for the rest of the story.

On Oct 19, 2005, one could have spent $2 to buy a Powerball ticket and a Mega Millions ticket. The total jackpot prize was $448 million ($340 million for the Oct 19 Powerball draw and $108 million for Oct 21 Mega Millions draw). This was the largest combined jackpot every offered in the US.

By the way, the $24,000 cost was made up of 13,000 Mega Millions tickets and 11,000 Powerball tickets.


I was thinking along that line      if we get lots of draws with no winners we could get huge jack pots             both pb and mega millions would be over 300 million mid jan.        16 draws away  i like the odds it could be a billion$$$%$$$$ draw   


  The only way they could get a combined total of $1 billion is if MM gets to at least $600 million, because Powerball slows the growth of its record jackpots.


ask prob 998  it has odds    think 19 rolls pb 17 rolls mm  about a billion the odds today  1 in 999999999999999 ?


I don't think we will see a jackpot of more than 400 million on either game.  The reasons are;   Powerball limits its jackpots after it reaches a certain level and put a 25million dollar cap on each rollover.   As we saw with the last powerball jackpot run,  the jackpot would have taken three more rollovers to hit 400 million.  With the media attention and people buying hundreds of tickets it would be impossible for it to get past 400 million.  Mega Millions has a better chance of hitting 400 million, but then you have three big states California, Texas, and New York with people buying tickets so the chances of a winner are greater.  Just my thoughts.


  Powerball's current limit is $365 million before the match 5 bonus pool takes effect.  I could see it getting that high in 18 rolls, so the 19th roll would make it $390 million.

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