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How to stay Anonymous?


I was thinking of ways of trying to stay anonymous if you win a large jackpot say 100 + million.  My thoughts are that now that 100-250 million dollar jackpots have become almost routine people almost ignore you unless you go out of you way to be in the spotlight (see jack whittacker). So if you do a simple press confrence and then disapear no one will most likely notice and you can become an unknown quickly.  Also if there are multiple winners on a jackpot then let someone else take the spotlight send your lawyer and everyone will forget you very quickly (anyone recognize the names pat and erwin wales?) they won a third of a 294 million dollar jackpot and the ex-con David Edwards took up the entire spotlight did Good Morning america Ect.  If you won a new record amount say 350 + million then the media will be all over you, i thought mabey if you could pick a day when alot's going on in the media instead of a slow newsday you would be mearly a blurb at the end of the evening news report.  Just some thoughts on being Anonymous, what do you guys think?

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Yeah David became a TV star, and was on that 'lottery winners and their stories' show I posted about awhile back. That is the nature of most humans however, to be famous. Some just cannot resist. You never know for sure how you will react UNTIL you win the big jackpot. Overcoming such great odds, and the amount of money, would be a lot harder to do than one would think. I will consider it a challenge. Part of you wants to keep it a secret, and the other half wants to scream it to everyone. It is not like this is going to happen everyday to someone.


Why be afraid to face reality - you won money, be proud of it.  You've just accomplished what every memeber here has failed to accomplish - plop down a buck and walk away with a life time you never imagined.  They media only feeds off of blood.  Give them blood and they starting sucking, take it away and they look some where else.  Simple as that!

On the other side, you win a record breaking jackpot, anonymity is not an option.  You think, if you win $400M in cash, after a drawing broadcast live from NYC, and you're gonna hide?  GROW UP CHILDREN!



It is not about being rude and insulting to Lottery Post members by talking grow up.  Its a matter of choice, and if your choice is to be seen and a public , then go ahead and step out there.  But respect other peoples choices as well. 

Its like the debate about pro-life or abortion.  Just because one person makes a choice that is contrary to yours doesn't make you superior or more mature.  How immature you sound man.

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