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I need help!!


i put all of my numbers and tool etc.. in 2 Word2002 documents, setup a password for them and saved them on my laptop. but 2 days ago, i decided to move the documents to my Thumb Drive so that i can work on them during my free time at work. But, when i try opening the 2 documents, i get error messages after i enter the password; for one document it says: invalid path (in short) for the other one it doesn't even recognize the password. i tried a Hex Editor, but i don't even know where to start with it.

Microsoft says that if that happens, you're on your own, and just trash you doc. anyone has idea of what i should do? Serious replies only please

Also, i decided to post this question after i saw that some of us here were getting help about using Excel.

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The best advise I can give you is one make sure your useing the same ver. of word at work.

The 2nd best adise I can give you is try moving them back to your laptop. That might help. The string it's looking for might be on the laptop.

The only other thing i can say is do some searches on google. There is always someone out there that has had the same problem or something simular to the problem to help guide you.


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thank you guys for replying. i moved them back to my laptop. still get the same error messages.

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Make sure you enter the password in upper case or lower case exactly as when you entered them originally.

You might want to try a program like this, to make sure of your exact password?

Too late this time, but always make extra backups. File corruption is always a possible.

There are options to using a password, such as allowing read-only. Maybe that would help you next time - or maybe it isn't of any value because you want to prevent anyone from reading the files.;EN-US;Q306474

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1. > Open a protected document in Word.
2. > Choose the Save As Web Page (*.htm; *.html) option and close Word.
3. > Open the HTML document in any text editor.
4. > Search the <w:UnprotectPassword> tag for a line that looks like: <w:UnprotectPassword>ABCDEF01</w:UnprotectPassword>. Gather the password.
5. > Open the original .doc document with any hex editor.
6. > Search for hex values of the password (reverse order).
7. > Overwrite all four double-bytes with 0x00. Save, and close.
8. > Open the document in Word. Select Tools, Unprotect Document. Password is blank.

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