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Track $traights? or U Play Combo ?

WIN  D's avatar - q05Q0

   What's your best method to track and go for Straights?

                                          or..... do you just Combo all your bets?  LOL

WIN  D's avatar - q05Q0

 One way that I used was pretty simple.  I would always play the same order no matter what.

        Ascending order for all numbers ...... low to high digits. 123 478 149 etc.

  The idea was that I would always win 1 n 6 .....or 1 n 3 ...... times on average as a Straight.

      Not 1 n 6 times you play you ...LOL 

                        It's one in six times you win

 It worked ...well.... OK.  It averages that way .... check it out on the results page each day.

                 It averages 1 n 6 as LOW to HIGH. 

      When is the last time you checked your play order?

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