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how many times you win per month?
11-01-05 to today=0
I been close though, getting 2 #.

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Not enough!!!!

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I agree with angel, I don't win enough. lol.


I just won today with an easy pick of 009 set as box just day 7 of oklahomas pick 3.  180 dollars for me but if i had set it as a straight i would have 320 dollars moreAngry  .  But hey I can't complain can I?  I seem to be on a winning streak.  I won 250+ dollars from a penny slot machine plus 50 more when i went again and then I won 50 bucks from a scratch off. wooooo!

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Wow megapower I wish i have you luck. I'm trying to get even for this month, today I play:371-642-805-947 for the midday. I want to get at least $40 bucks.Rant

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