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A77's MM Challenge - for limited time

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A. [up to 7 WBs] +[ 1 MB] (equal to 21 combinations), OR
B. [5 WBs] +[up to 20 MBs] (equal to 20 combinations), OR
C. Up to 20 lines of (5 +1) (equal to 20 combinations)


Let's have a fun possibly at the very last moment!

Largely for entertainment purpose and intended to last only for presumably short time period, I prepared for A77's MM Challenge. Nevertheless, if and when something miraculous happens, I will keep my promise as being said here.

This challenge will end as soon as the current MM run is over and its jackpot reset to a starting level. And, of course, open to any LP members that comply to the following specifics, with absolutely no obligations.

Specifics of the Challenge

1) A participant may choose any one of the following 3 formats. In fact, for some reason, I "just assume" that each one can spend up to $21 on buying MM tickets in this drawing.

A. [up to 7 WBs] +[ 1 MB] (equal to 21 combinations), OR
B. [5 WBs] +[up to 20 MBs] (equal to 20 combinations), OR
C. Up to 20 lines of (5 +1) (equal to 20 combinations)

2) Participants' winnings, if any, will be calculated in terms of simulated winnings, as if all possible combinations had been actually bought. Unlike in MD MM challenge, the best mix and match from all the numbers is NOT ALL that counts. Any winning from each of all possible combinations will be summed. For example, if a participant hits (2+1) after choosing A[7+1] format, s/he would collect much more than the regular prize amount of $10. If MM rolls, the accumulated total winnings until the final round will determine the final ranks.

3) If 2 or more participants tie for any prize tier, or when there are 2 or fewer participants with non-zero winnings, "hypothetical dollar amount" will be assigned like this but for only tie-breaking purpose: $10 for hitting 2 WBs and $1 for just 1 WB. If still tied, they will equally share all those corresponding prizes, if any. It is expected that all these would ensure that indeed all prizes could be given away WHEN a miracle thing happens.

4) If there occurs any dispute among some participants regarding unclarified specific(s), if any, the decision by the host of this thread will prevail and be final.

5) How and What to Win
-Necessary conditions for all of us to be winners
-In this thread, those numbers of no less than 5 MM tickets for Tuesday(11-15) drawing and subsequent drawing if it rolls, and no less than 3 NY King Kong Millions tickets (added for more fun as "provisional" just in case none hits MM jackpot, which should be extremely likely) will be posted. If and WHEN any of those MM tickets hits the JACKPOT, some things good will be surely done as following.

-First of all, no less than $3M will be donated, in the names of all participants in this challenge, to the charities in those states and country as previously stated in a different thread.

-Individual prizes and gifts corresponding to each scenario look like this:

                      When MM Jackpot Hit                        KKM Jackpot Hit (provisional)
                    Car                      Cash                        Car                              Cash

1st           2006 Aston Martin   $200,000            2006 Chevy                    $50,000
                V12 Vanguish                                  S Corvette Z06
          (Cash value:$250,000)                      (Cash value:$60,000)

2nd              2006 Chevy        $100,000            2005 Hyundai                 $35,000
                    Corvette Z06                                        XG 350           
           (Cash value:$60,000)                      (Cash value:$25,000)

3rd            2005 Hyundai          $50,000            2006 Hyundai                $20,000
                  XG 350 Sonata                                        Sonata
            (Cash value:$25,000)                       (Cash value:$20,000)

(0+1)            ---------------          winnings            ---------------                    winnings    or better                                  multiplied by                                            multiplied by
                                              1,000                                                          200            (up to $15,000)                                     (up to $5,000)

2WBs           ---------------            $1,000              --------------                        $400

1WB            5 Year LP Premium Membership          2 Year LP Premium Membership

all others            1 Year LP Premium Membership plus something mysterious!

-Winners might be responsible for all taxes if ever applicable =:)

As we all understand it, the chance of hitting MM or even KKM is extremely low. Nevertheless, let's hope all of us to have a fun while playing and/or just watching the games of Millions!

Good Luck, Everyone!






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Here are the numbers in play for MM tonight.

01-07-14-28-51  + 18
01-07-14-28-43  + 15
01-07-14-28-36  + 16
08-27-31-44-55  + 17
08-27-41-42-56  + 19
20-25-35-46-56  + 20
03-17-20-44-56  + 20
10-29-30-37-48  + 41
20-30-34-41-52  + 13
05-16-29-50-53  + 08

KKK numbers  (Only the last digit hidden)




anonymous77, the winning numbers were 2-4-5-40-48 +7. Lets see your results to the winning numbers. In my fantasy picks, I had 2+1 in MADDOG's MM challenge on 11/15, but xsmega had 3+0.

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Sorry for my late response due to my long vacation. But, right after the drawing, I could notice there had been no entry.

Those MM numbers which I posted above were not my entries in the challenge, but just the numbers I actually played because I promised to at the beginning of this thread. I think you can see it from the fact that I posted KKM numbers as well, not just MM numbers.

One thing I want to note is that I have not intended to compare one challenge to another or one participant to another, especially when those two used different formats.

As a matter of fact, the primary motive of opening such a limited time MM challenge was, as I said above, to provide a field for some of us, if interested, including myself to have a fun. The secondary motive was my curiosity as to which format out of those three each entrant, if any, would prefer and thus choose. Now that no one had posted any numbers on time, I believe everything was over.

Regardless of whats or whys, thank you for your interest in this thread.


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