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Words Of Wisdom

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Since I started playing the lottery (pick 3 and 4) I have constantly been 1 number off, 1 digit off (on 3 or less numbers), 1 day off, etc. Im sure this is nothing new to any of you. I have taken a lot of your advise and tried to learn from my mistakes. However, I always find myself forgetting one or more things that many of you have shared with me. So I guess this post is an effort to request your input on number picking and sharing those words of wisdom once again; perhaps in one specific thread that we can all share.

Some of the things I have learned about picking numbers (through LP mind you :o):

"Remember to flip your 6's and 9's" - I have been caught on this several times

"Play a range of numbers you like more than once during a week"

"Numbers played for midday draws could show up on evening draws; and visa-versa"

"Dont forget to incorporate V-Tracs numbers into your picks"

"If you are unsure, play it on paper anyway! It will help you in honing your number-picking skills"

"Thank the one who provided you a winning number. It's polite and promotes good Karma"

Lately, I have been able to reduce my picks from 20 down to 4-6 per day. Of those 4-6 picks, either I hit or am 1 number, 1 digit, or 1 day off. Very rarely am I off in left field. Which is why it bugs me to be this close yet, so far away. Then again, perhaps breaking even is not something to complain about.

I am sure there are more simple rules like the above that I am forgetting or never heard before. I appreciate any added "wisdom" any of you can provide.  One of these days, I'll have this info committed to memory and will stop yelling "doh" each time I look at my tickets.




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