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Mega Millions Jackpot

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Well they didn't raise the figure at all so maybe they are not going to sell that much more than they are expecting.  So if they do only sell about 85 million tickets tonight, there will be a good chance of the jackpot rolling over to a new record....maybe even the first $400 jackpot?



As of one minute ago, it went up $5M. Now at $315M for tonight.

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Lotteries have to be conservative on estimating pots so they aren't stuck giving someone less than the advertised amout like the Texas Lottery has. Also updated pretty quick after that for a cash analysis.

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Need to clarify an earlier blog.

MM sales for 1111 were about $71 million. Sales on 1108 were about 58 million. About 47 million sold on 1104.

The totals given earlier were 'differences' in sales from one draw to the next.

I still believe they will have to sell over a million tickets in each of the next few drawings.


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Figures I would post that and they would raise the jackpot on me.  But it was only a $5 million jump which means they are expecting about an extra $9,000,000 in ticket sales.  That means sales will be around $95 million for tonight.


POINT OF REFERENCE:  Total Powerball sales for the $340M jackpot on 11/19/05 were $165M!  So, unless the ticket sales spike dramatically, the MM jackpot will probably roll to 11/18. 
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