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A Tip 4 Trips

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Sandy K

Folks, since I started tracking the lottery....maybe 25 years ago.....I found this tidbit out....and it's worth it's weight in 75 to 85 percent of the time.

It is great when used as a triple if you want to only play one triple for the week......

Monday's number produces a pair that will come back during the week thru the next Monday. It usually plays midday to midday and evening to evening but it does cross sometimes.  On Mondays, I go thru all the state's plays.......list all the doubles that played and that is my trip for that state per week.....Here is what I have for this week till next Monday:


Maryland - 111

Missouri - 555

Illinois/Iowa - 999



California - 111

Delaware -555

Idaho - 111

Louisiana - 666

Maryland - 222

Missouri - 444

New Jersey - 999

Ohio - 222

Tri-States -111

Virginia - 444

Now you need to do your own research all week.............look at these state's numbers from Tuesday thru next Monday.............the double came in with a pair..........either the double will come back or it will come back with the pair........example: Maryland Midday had 611.....the 11 or the 16 should come back as a pair.......if the 11 comes back and it is not a triple, drop the trip or if the 16 comes back ......then you can also drop the trip warning on the 111..................

Easy way to just bet a few trips and maybe get lucky.  I have won numerous times using this technique.....I really don't know why more people don't use it.

Caution: sometimes they cross Midday to Evening and vice versa but it pretty much stays Midday to Midday and Evening to Evening.

In the 4 digit, the same applies.....2 numbers will come back from Monday's draw.........

Good luck!!


Thanks Sandy!

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Thanks Sandy--


Thanks a lot Sandy! I wasn't sure what triple to play this week in Virginia because last week there were so many doubles. They literally "tripped" me up.

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Thanks alot Sandy.  And how was your trip to Baltimore this past weekend? Were you able to play the lottery here, and did you hit? Thanks again for the tip.


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This is a great tip!  This is just one of the reasons that I love this place so much!  A sharing of Great Information!Patriot

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Sandy K

MoneyisFreedom.....this is not a sure triple.....this is for someone who just wants to play one triple and take a chance........another trip could come in the way it has been going lately..who the heck knows.

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Sandy K

DucksaFloat, I have posted this before because it is a great pair finder for the week.....but no one noticed so I decided to put the word "trip" in the heading, and I see it has gained attention......

Everyone you are welcome....just someone win some money please....LOL......Georgia should be primed for the 404 for the week midday because of the 405 combo....and the 044 is way overdue in all states...anyone who had a 04 in their Monday results should play that 044 for the week till it hits somewhere......

Litebets, I enjoyed my trip very much.  My son lives in Columbia which is a beautiful area.........didn't go with my family to the Inner Harbor, Little Italy, Feld's Point, etc. because I was just whipped....Remember I couldn't walk 5 years ago and my legs are fine now but with all the airport walking, they were plenty tired but my son lives where there are walking paths so I did alot of "small walking" and some sketching.... the trees there are is a nice part of the country.  In Columbia, you parked in a ramp for the shopping center and the front of the stores had a lake, benches, in Michigan....front of the stores are all has nice feel there of peace.  Next time, my son said we could take a train to New York.  I said no thanks, I absolutely hate New York....

No, I did not get out to bet.  I wasn't even going to think about the lottery until my son told me I could use the computer in the Den if I wished.  So I did track but no betting. 

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Jani Norman

MoneyisFreedom.....this is not a sure triple.....this is for someone who just wants to play one triple and take a chance........another trip could come in the way it has been going lately..who the heck knows.

Thanks so much for the info Sandy K.

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Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself. My Daughter lives in Columbia also. When I was in my late Teens, and early Twenties I had dreams of moving there but never did.

Maryland's Triples are way overdue, that's if you believe in numbers having due times. LOL.


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Sandy K

I used to think, heck if I played triples in the maxed out states, I would be in the win.......but lately, things have gone strange.....New York has been maxed out midday and the trip comes in evening.......there is a very strange something going on out there.....maxed out states aren't getting the trips and some states are getting 2 trips a week or two.......I have never seen so many doubles as I have seen.  Same thing with the quads.......believe it or not, there have been alot of quads hitting of late.

This system at least gives me a chance for one bet to make a triple. 

The 116 in Maryland midday is one of Tea's trip indicators...that along with it coming in on Monday, makes the 111 an excellent choice.......I might play the 6's also there midday.

Has anyone else noticed this?  It is not foolproof.....but when a triple or a quad comes in the 4 digit, no trips come in for that draw (midday for midday and evening for evening)?  Like last night 3333 came in Michigan........I knew the odds were against a triple occuring so I didn't waste my money on any triples on any other state that night.  Same thing happens with a triple in the 4 digit.........I think that is why so many midday and evening draws aren't drawing trips right now for the 3 digit.  I bet in increments....early and if I see a triple or a quad in the 4 digit.....I don't bet any trips at all the rest of the draws.  Hey you could cut your throat doing this, but I think the odds are in my favor doing it that way.

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i wonder why Louisiana has not ever had quades?Blue Thinking

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show me 4444!!!!!Crying

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Thanks Sandy!

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Thanks for the tip Sandy....It makes alot of sense. I'm going to go

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